Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pointless much?

Well I just thought I'd do a really pointless update "because thats just how I roll" (isn't that the type of thing the kids of today say?! I don't know @ 29 i'm getting on now and I'm not "with" the kids chat these days, Oh Jeez I'm turning in to my mother, somebody save me, save me now!)

So Last night shift, its 4.35am and im eagerly awating 7am to arrive, Ive hurt my back which is not a good sign, its really aching and sitting in this office chair all night has not helped one bit! When I get up tomorrow and go and get the dude from the mother in laws I think I will take my camera and we will go to Roberts Park which is a park by us the council have just spent 4.5 million renovation and its supposed to be pretty good, I "THINK" alot of the schools are back tomorrow so it should be alot quieter, im going to stick the DSLR on manual and practice and shoot shoot shoot, as apparenlty thats how I need to learn.

Oh look its 4.38am now its taken me all of 3 minutes to update really did not pass the time!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Anyone for a BBQ

Well although I spent most of the day in bed after finishing work at 7am, when I finally got up at 3pm the sun was shining, my hubby & Son had gone to his mums for a BBQ so I arrived about 4pm (and the cheeky bugger gave me a few lines about how I should have been there earlier, this coming from the guy who has to be in bed 10pm SHARP on a work night (if not earlier) and have 9 hours sleep minimum, preaching that me having 7 hours was too much).  Anyway BBQ was flowing kids were playing and all was fun until it was time for me to come to work again, rubbish (did I mention that I HATE nights?)

There is one thing that really made me smile today (apart from Oran but he does that every day so it doesn’t really count) it was a little parcel that arrived in the post from a friend of Mine Emma, it was a gift for Oran, he tore it open excitedly and found a little sock monkey named Bertie (he wanted to rename it Jedi Poo Poo head but I convinced him Bertie was easier to say!).  Emma is a really lovely person to just randomly send this in the post for Oran and it really did cheer me up no end, she is super kind, and I love her.  (shameless plug here but her blog can be found at and she sells all her stuff and its all wicked...Go buy it > NOW > GO GO GO)

Anyway here are a few pictures of Oran & Bertie

Friday, 4 June 2010

So Just a few things we have been up to since I last updated back in march....take from it what you will!!

 My Big boy turned 3....and discovered the DS and we now have a constant daily winge of "muuummmyy im stuck please help me I caaannnnttt dddoooo iiittttt"

I made Oran a Lightening McQueen cake for his Birthday which I was very proud of!

We had a night out and decided (like you do after a few drinks of the alcoholic kind) to go bowling, us girlies had no socks but the bowling alley kindly provided us with these "condom socks" which I have to say were the worse things Ive ever put on my feet and I think perhaps an actual condom may have been better!
Oran decided his new favourite things were Ladybugs so we had one painted on his face, the day I was wearing white linen pants, you can imagine that didnt end well...I think he knew what he was planning all along, check out his evil glare!

the forgetting part

So I forgot about this blog again! I can't see this whole new blogging world I've found and me getting on too well, considering I actually have a memory like a sieve! I did used to have a really good memory, when I got pregnant it buggered off and never returned!

Anyway probably done you all a favour not updating as I have not really done much of anything of much interest really so I guess I spared you from being bored to death!

(Side note : What’s the crack with this Justin Beiber kid, he is RUBBISH, why has he become sooooo popular, he is on Viva Hits right now and I’m just like whhhaaatt you going to do when your voice breaks kid, oh and read a world atlas, find out where Germany is!)

So when I finish this set of nights (have I mentioned how I HATE nights?) Im going to have to sand down the other chest of draws, go to B&Q and get some paint and re-paint them. I’m going to give something different a try, which may not work so I may have to re-sand and go with my original idea of just painting it white, my funky ideas usually turn out to be crap so just prepare yourself for some boring pictures of plain white chest of draws!

I’m thinking I'd love to learn to stitch, the only problems I see with that are the fact that I have enough trouble fitting extra things in to my life as it is, with juggling a full time job, 3 year old, side line of cake making business & keeping "house" oh and the fact my wonderful husband has put a dent in my spending, as I need (need means want for the purposes of this blog) a new mixer for the cakes, a new Netbook as my lappy is rubbish these days and a sewing machine oh and some new lenses for my DSLR and apparently I don’t “need” any of them. Oh talking of photography, I really need to get that bloody camera out more and practice I always forget to take it anywhere with me, I have a new awesome lens (a nifty Fifty) but its not AF so I need to practice with that, but Orans decided that now being 3 he is a big boy and too busy to be standing round for photos for mummy, hmm need to work on that one as he is my only subject!

Anyway I think I have rambled on enough for now, I shall be back in a few days!