Friday, 6 August 2010

Family time

(NB: I know ^^ is a LONG way from being a decent picture in terms of quality (iPhone pics for ya!) and its out of frame and we look a bit half asleep but its one of my favourite family photos, especially Orans Comical face :o))

So we have implemented more Family Time as between me and hubby both working full time and me working shifts it was pretty rare and I think everyone has loved it, well I know I have, and I'm pretty sure Oran did to, guess that just leaves the hubbies opinion......

We go to a place near our house called "St Ives" its got a big lake where you can feed the ducks & Geese, loads of woodland for walks, a quiet bird sanctuary bit where we saw a woodpecker the other day and Barrie informs me its really rare to see a woodpecker in the UK these days, and then its also got an awesome park for Oran to play in, we have started going there in an evening after tea for a walk round the lake and a run about in the park to tire the whirlwind out.

Check out how excited he is feeding the Ducks and Canadian Geese as the Geese were taking it right out his hand

We then FINALLY got around to putting the primer on the 2 sets of Chest of Draws I got from my parents months and months ago, I had finished sanding them a few months ago but never found time to sand them but Oran wanted to help me and Barrie offered to help to.  When there all finished (we just need to put on some new handles and were all done) I will do its own little post of the transformation.  Anyway here is Oran enjoying himself helping Primer the draws

Next we ended up going to sunny shagpool.....I should correct that to Blackpool for 2 days and a night, just the 3 of us to get a little break.  My god that place never changes, I loved being with Barrie and Oran on our own with no interruptions but that place is just...urgh, I don't even have any more words to describe it really, except EVERYTIME we go, we vow never again, yet every few years we might find ourself there for a day, why? Who knows!  We all had fun though, especially Oran and that was one of the goals, we wanted to get him on some rides to prepare him a little way towards Florida in Nov as he hasn't really EVER been on a "ride".  Every ride was the same response "no mummy I don't want to go on it, I'm scared, I really really don't want to go on it" bless him, we talked him in to every ride though "please mummy/daddy really wants to go on it but is scared and only you will be able to protect me"...."ok mummy/daddy I'll come on it to protect you....but I'm really scared" then EVERY ride he was on "mummy I love it lets go on again" even on the massive waterslide in the "sandcastle" water park that he was petrified to go on was met with screams of "again, again, I love it" so I think as long as we coax him, we will be OK in Florida with the rides.......wonder if can I coax him on Aerosmith's rock and rollercoaster haha.

Sand castles on the beach with daddy (a very windy and cold beach ha)

Were now home, chilled out and unfortunatley I'm back at work on the night shift all weekend untill Monday night which means I'm missing out on a weekend with my 2 favourite boys which is pants, but for the time being, I shouldn't moan as at least I have a job and the recession hasn't hit me with redundancy! 

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