Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Whoops a daisy

Oh well I forgot about this didn't I. I knew I wouldn't beable to keep a decent update on it because quite frankly my memory is worse than I fish with amnesia!!

I must say though due to this blog and realising how terribly boring my life actually is I have done a fair bit since the last update.....nothing major or life changing but myself & Oran have visited a fair few places and we even allowed the grumpy old man who resides with us to come sometimes!! We did the farm a few times, walks in the woods, tropical world in Leeds & iceskating....

I have a busy few weeks coming up as well, I have a craft swap on a fourm I belong to so have to make some nice things for a lovley lady, I have 2 chest of draws & a bedside cabinet to restore, a dora cake for a 3rd birthday, then a buzz/toystory/lightening mcqueen/tom & jerry cake to make when Oran actually makes up his mind which one he wants and stops crying about not getting all 3!! Then 3 weeks of family birthdays taking us up to end of April pphheewwww!!

Oh I've also bought Oran some rollerblades, dug out my old agressive skates & ice hockey boots to and I'm gonna teach the dude how to blade & skate cause I'm just so cool!

Oooo I had a haircut as well ....sseexxxyyy.....well not quite but it's aiiight

So I'll sign off for now and try and remember to update and take lots of photos now I can do this on my phone!!!

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I hope you know!!

I hope you know this is only getting updated daily because I’m at work, clearly by "work" I mean sat in a building getting paid to....well I best not finish that sentence!
Well another boring day today. I got up, went and fetched Oran and we went to Asda for some milk & bread....£12 later we left, how the hell can a £1.27 loaf & 2 x 87p 2 pints of milk cost me £12.68, anyone care to explain?!?!? I really hate popping in to the supermarket for "a few bits" as I always end up spending more than a few pounds especially when I’ve got the little guy with me "mummy I want this magazine ppwweeeaassee" I respond with the age old phrase I NEVER though I would hear myself say, the same response I used to get from MY mother "No, not today, they cost a fortune & are a waste of money" que a paddy which resembles something like that advert where the toddler is about to throw a paddy so the mother throws herself on the floor & throws a paddy instead to "nip it in the bud"....except instead of wishing to get carted of the funny farm I use the other method of averting the paddy, giving him what he wants, que spoilt brat and expensive "few bits" trip but rather un-embarrassing, which lets face it is always a plus! I did find the man I saw getting chased through the shop by staff rather amusing, especially when the tackled him to the ground, apparently he is the latest stalker of some of the checkout girls, who would of thought being an Asda Checkout girl would have such celebrity status worthy of Stalkerville!! 

Once home from the Expensive trip of doom it was time for mummy to become the human trampoline/climbing frame/weight lifter (with Oran being the weight)& finally cowboys & Indians.  Then it was time to make yet another unsuccessful meal, I had left over’s from last night which was fine, I made the boys Sausages, Beans & mash except the hubby ended up with Mash & sausage cause apparently you can't put Mash & beans on the same plate, Who thinks like that?!?!? We "discussed" about this not being normal, him arguing it was & me telling him he was wrong, he still hasnt learnt after 10 years Im always right, I don't think he will ever learn!  

So far at work we have NO FARTING whhoooppp.  I can breathe, its so fresh in here! Hopefully it will continue until 3am at which point I’ve blagged an early finish as I have promised to take Oran to the Farm.  We were supposed to go last week until he got ill and I told him we could go this week instead, he has asked me EVERY morning "we going to the farm today" which has erupted in tears while getting dressed when I said I would be choosing bed instead!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Farts stink

Well as predicted we didn't do much today!! Once I got up and went and collected the little guy from Nannas all I got was "Lightening McQueen on the Wii mummy"...."mummy I wanna play on the Wii"....."Mummy can we play on the Wii now?"...."mummy Lightening McQueen pppplllleeaaassseeee, I love you sooo much, please mummy please, ill be your bestest friend" the kid knows how to play me so by this time I gave up protesting.  Who invented stupid driving games anyway,  what a load of crap (perhaps because I cant do them [shruggs]) and an age on the box of 3+ I don’t frigging think so, I’m 29 & I couldn't even complete the course in the 38 minutes I was playing until I gave up, took the batteries out the remotes and told Oran the remotes had died, lets do something else.  This of course led to him ordering me to lay on the floor so he could abuse me.."mummy you can be my trampoline" while trying to launch himself on to my stomach, I mean I know I have a jelly belly but its not that flipping bouncy you cheeky little monkey, so that lead on to  "mummy you're my climbing frame now"  in which I was climbed on for a good half hour untill I got a knee in the face and he seemed to think that was a whole new game of "lets try and knee mummy in the face" I soon put a stop to that which resulted in tears and in me not having a bestest friend anymore but infact having someone who didn't like me anymore as apparently I was a mean mummy for not letting him knee me in the face!  Oh the joys of parenthood!

After the Wii playing, (in which by the way my near 3 year old completely noticed that I was shite by announcing "mummy, you're not good like daddy are you, shall I just play it with Daddy next time you're a bit rubbish I think"....well bloody sod you then!) it comes down to the mundane task of making tea, sounds easy but this has to be a tea which has to be healthy for me (gotta think of those fat club weighing scales you know!) edible for the little guy (as in not spicy, plus were still weaning him out of the fussy stage) and also edible for a husband who doesn’t like pasta or rice..or much veg, or much red meat but yet is "bored" of the same things [roll eyes]. Went for the old favourite of Spaghetti bolognaise, only I didn’t have any whole-wheat spaghetti so I went for Pasta bolognaise.....only the hubby wanted chips with his as did the little guy, oh & I didn’t have any Onions, Mushrooms or about 5 other ingredients I needed so it pretty much ended up with a tomatoey mince with some peppers in, which 2 people out of the 3 of us moaned about!

Before work I trotted of to Fat Club and I lost a whopping 6.5lb tonight BOOM, go me, lets hope we can keep this up!! So that brings me to work again.  It is seriously not healthy to Fart that much or for them to be THAT smelly, seriously dude, GO SEE A DOCTOR.  I have counted tonight and on one side I’m getting on average 6 farts an hour (over 12 hours I hasten to add) and on the other side an average of 2 of the biggest loudest burps I’ve ever heard an hour so that’s like 72 farts & 24 burps I’m sandwiched between over 12 hours, needles to say Im not freaking happy & I once again have spent the night sulking with my earphones in and face covered to the best of my ability.....they probably think Im a right miserable hormonal bitch, to be fair, there probably right!


ooo I did finally look out the window an hour ago though and once again we have snow, that means so far this year we have had snow Jan, Feb & March, I estimate it will be gone in a few hours, its not much and I think it might rain soon, roll on summer, I hate winter.  Pictures is crap & dark being an iPhone an all, but here is Marches bout of snow.


Oh Aye, in Other news my mate rang me today, she wants me to make a cake & 10 large Cupcakes for her sons birthday for this Saturday, I said yes of course but I’ve never made cupcakes for someone before so I hope there not shite as I don’t have any time for practice or any time really for much of anything since I’m working till Wed!  Ill chart my makings and blog them up though as they "might" turn out alright, you just never know with these things!! 

Is it 7am yet????       zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz