Sunday, 28 February 2010

Night Shift Update

Nearly finished work for the night, 45 mins to go.  Thank god ill get out to a bit of fresh air, men stink, ive spent most of the night in the office like this :

Of  course they thinks its highly amusing!!
Well Ill be going home to see Oran & get him up & dressed and his daddy will be taking him to his step Mothers (our childminder) for the morning so I can get a few hours kip and I shall go and pick him up later or and see if he is up for anything this afternoon as he is a little under the weather right now with an ear infection in both ears & a big sore coldsore on his lip to.  Look how sad & dejected he looks :


However I'm sure i'll manage to get him to do something with me, even if its just a bit of the Wii or some painting we will figure something long as I don't sit down that is as if that happens ill just be kaffled on the couch for the rest of the afternoon trying to keep my eyes open with match sticks!!!

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