Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Whoops a daisy

Oh well I forgot about this didn't I. I knew I wouldn't beable to keep a decent update on it because quite frankly my memory is worse than I fish with amnesia!!

I must say though due to this blog and realising how terribly boring my life actually is I have done a fair bit since the last update.....nothing major or life changing but myself & Oran have visited a fair few places and we even allowed the grumpy old man who resides with us to come sometimes!! We did the farm a few times, walks in the woods, tropical world in Leeds & iceskating....

I have a busy few weeks coming up as well, I have a craft swap on a fourm I belong to so have to make some nice things for a lovley lady, I have 2 chest of draws & a bedside cabinet to restore, a dora cake for a 3rd birthday, then a buzz/toystory/lightening mcqueen/tom & jerry cake to make when Oran actually makes up his mind which one he wants and stops crying about not getting all 3!! Then 3 weeks of family birthdays taking us up to end of April pphheewwww!!

Oh I've also bought Oran some rollerblades, dug out my old agressive skates & ice hockey boots to and I'm gonna teach the dude how to blade & skate cause I'm just so cool!

Oooo I had a haircut as well ....sseexxxyyy.....well not quite but it's aiiight

So I'll sign off for now and try and remember to update and take lots of photos now I can do this on my phone!!!

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