Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I hope you know!!

I hope you know this is only getting updated daily because I’m at work, clearly by "work" I mean sat in a building getting paid to....well I best not finish that sentence!
Well another boring day today. I got up, went and fetched Oran and we went to Asda for some milk & bread....£12 later we left, how the hell can a £1.27 loaf & 2 x 87p 2 pints of milk cost me £12.68, anyone care to explain?!?!? I really hate popping in to the supermarket for "a few bits" as I always end up spending more than a few pounds especially when I’ve got the little guy with me "mummy I want this magazine ppwweeeaassee" I respond with the age old phrase I NEVER though I would hear myself say, the same response I used to get from MY mother "No, not today, they cost a fortune & are a waste of money" que a paddy which resembles something like that advert where the toddler is about to throw a paddy so the mother throws herself on the floor & throws a paddy instead to "nip it in the bud"....except instead of wishing to get carted of the funny farm I use the other method of averting the paddy, giving him what he wants, que spoilt brat and expensive "few bits" trip but rather un-embarrassing, which lets face it is always a plus! I did find the man I saw getting chased through the shop by staff rather amusing, especially when the tackled him to the ground, apparently he is the latest stalker of some of the checkout girls, who would of thought being an Asda Checkout girl would have such celebrity status worthy of Stalkerville!! 

Once home from the Expensive trip of doom it was time for mummy to become the human trampoline/climbing frame/weight lifter (with Oran being the weight)& finally cowboys & Indians.  Then it was time to make yet another unsuccessful meal, I had left over’s from last night which was fine, I made the boys Sausages, Beans & mash except the hubby ended up with Mash & sausage cause apparently you can't put Mash & beans on the same plate, Who thinks like that?!?!? We "discussed" about this not being normal, him arguing it was & me telling him he was wrong, he still hasnt learnt after 10 years Im always right, I don't think he will ever learn!  

So far at work we have NO FARTING whhoooppp.  I can breathe, its so fresh in here! Hopefully it will continue until 3am at which point I’ve blagged an early finish as I have promised to take Oran to the Farm.  We were supposed to go last week until he got ill and I told him we could go this week instead, he has asked me EVERY morning "we going to the farm today" which has erupted in tears while getting dressed when I said I would be choosing bed instead!

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  1. I totally know what you mean by the supermarket... I am the queen of going to Tescos for milk and spending £20. Oops!