Saturday, 5 June 2010

Anyone for a BBQ

Well although I spent most of the day in bed after finishing work at 7am, when I finally got up at 3pm the sun was shining, my hubby & Son had gone to his mums for a BBQ so I arrived about 4pm (and the cheeky bugger gave me a few lines about how I should have been there earlier, this coming from the guy who has to be in bed 10pm SHARP on a work night (if not earlier) and have 9 hours sleep minimum, preaching that me having 7 hours was too much).  Anyway BBQ was flowing kids were playing and all was fun until it was time for me to come to work again, rubbish (did I mention that I HATE nights?)

There is one thing that really made me smile today (apart from Oran but he does that every day so it doesn’t really count) it was a little parcel that arrived in the post from a friend of Mine Emma, it was a gift for Oran, he tore it open excitedly and found a little sock monkey named Bertie (he wanted to rename it Jedi Poo Poo head but I convinced him Bertie was easier to say!).  Emma is a really lovely person to just randomly send this in the post for Oran and it really did cheer me up no end, she is super kind, and I love her.  (shameless plug here but her blog can be found at and she sells all her stuff and its all wicked...Go buy it > NOW > GO GO GO)

Anyway here are a few pictures of Oran & Bertie

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