Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pointless much?

Well I just thought I'd do a really pointless update "because thats just how I roll" (isn't that the type of thing the kids of today say?! I don't know @ 29 i'm getting on now and I'm not "with" the kids chat these days, Oh Jeez I'm turning in to my mother, somebody save me, save me now!)

So Last night shift, its 4.35am and im eagerly awating 7am to arrive, Ive hurt my back which is not a good sign, its really aching and sitting in this office chair all night has not helped one bit! When I get up tomorrow and go and get the dude from the mother in laws I think I will take my camera and we will go to Roberts Park which is a park by us the council have just spent 4.5 million renovation and its supposed to be pretty good, I "THINK" alot of the schools are back tomorrow so it should be alot quieter, im going to stick the DSLR on manual and practice and shoot shoot shoot, as apparenlty thats how I need to learn.

Oh look its 4.38am now its taken me all of 3 minutes to update really did not pass the time!

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