Friday, 4 June 2010

So Just a few things we have been up to since I last updated back in march....take from it what you will!!

 My Big boy turned 3....and discovered the DS and we now have a constant daily winge of "muuummmyy im stuck please help me I caaannnnttt dddoooo iiittttt"

I made Oran a Lightening McQueen cake for his Birthday which I was very proud of!

We had a night out and decided (like you do after a few drinks of the alcoholic kind) to go bowling, us girlies had no socks but the bowling alley kindly provided us with these "condom socks" which I have to say were the worse things Ive ever put on my feet and I think perhaps an actual condom may have been better!
Oran decided his new favourite things were Ladybugs so we had one painted on his face, the day I was wearing white linen pants, you can imagine that didnt end well...I think he knew what he was planning all along, check out his evil glare!

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